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  1. Hi Marcus 🙂

    I really liked that you showed two different ways of interpreting the story and pointed out that Joyce leaves much of the interpretation up to the reader. I think this is the case in many of his stories. A lot of the characters have this inner turmoil or struggle, like that which Chandler experienced, and then come to a conclusion at the end, but that conclusion and what they decide isn’t always clear to the reader. Duffy in “A Painful Case” struggles with the death of Mrs. Sinico, at first being disgusted with her and regretting their relationship and then in the end blaming himself and feeling that he robbed them both of happiness. Similar to “A Little Cloud” ending with Chandler’s tears of remorse, “A Painful Case” ends with “He felt that he was alone.” The reader doesn’t know if he is glad, upset, resigned, or what about being alone. In the beginning he seemed to like to be alone, then he liked being with Mrs. Sinico, then he felt he couldn’t be with her, then he felt he should have, and then he is alone. A lot of Joyce’s stories end abruptly/ unclearly for the reader like “A Little Cloud.” Although the resolution is clear to the character, it is unclear to the reader at times. I think you did a really great job of analyzing this story!

  2. Hi Marcus 🙂

    This is a great essay, because you provide a very insightful analysis into Little Chandler’s thoughts. When I first read “A Little Cloud,” I thought that Little Chandler cried because he realized how miserable he life was. But you provide some great arguments to explain why he came to the conclusion that his life is all he needs. I’m not sure if I agree with that, but your examples are very convincing and you manage to challenge your reader’s mind. Well done!

  3. Hey Marcus, I really enjoyed reading this after seeing both drafts!. I think you’re thoughts come together so nicely, and I’m more firmly persuaded of your points after reading it. Everything was much clearer to me and I loved the conclusion! I think your thesis is a great addition to the conversation on “A Little Cloud” because like you said, most people shallowly interpret it and assume one opinion about Little Chandler. I’d like to see a little more of a catchy opening sentence, but other than that, I felt like your conclusion ended very strong and it nicely tied back to your title which I also love. Thanks so much for the enjoyable reading experience!

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