NEH Summer Scholars 2012

Held at American University, June 11-July 6, 2012

Yiğit Akın, Assistant Professor, College of Charleston. Book: Robust and Vigorous Children: Physical Education and Sports in Early Republican Turkey (in Turkish, 2004).  Dissertation: “The Ottoman Home Front during World War I: Everyday Politics, Society, and Culture” (2011, Ohio State, with Carter Findley, Jane Hathaway). Current Research Interest:  Red Cross Archives at NARA-College Park; LOC

Michael Bracy, Associate Professor, Oklahoma State University. Book: Printing Class: ‘Isa al-‘Isa, Filastin, and the Textual Construction of National Identity, 1921-1931 (2010).  Based on PhD written with Joel Gordon. Also worked with Linda Schilcher. Research Interest: First Arab pilots in the Royal Air Force, during WWI. Part of a larger project on war memory and commemoration. Will use Arabic newspapers at LOC and holdings of Wilson Center.

Nefin Dinç, Associate Professor, SUNY-Fredonia. Films: Six documentaries on Turkey, including two on Greek and Turkish attitudes toward each other and one on memories of the War of Independence. Current film: “The Memoirs of Antoine Köpe.” Based on diaries and drawings of an Austro-Hungarian soldier stationed in Istanbul, Palestine, and the photographs taken by his brother Research interest: LOC photographs and moving pictures.

Lerna Ekmekçioğlu, Assistant Professor, MIT. Publications: Bir Adalet Feryadı, Osmanlı’dan Cumhuriyet’e Beş Ermeni Feminist Yazar (1862-1933) [A Cry for Justice: Five Armenian Feminist Writers from the Ottoman Empire to the Turkish Republic (1862-1933)], co-edited with Melissa Bilal  (2006); “Reclaiming Lands, Re-claiming Wombs: Politics of Inclusion after the Armenian Genocide,” Comparative Studies in Society and History (2012). Current Research/Book-in-Progress: Surviving the New Turkey: Armenians in Post-Ottoman Istanbul (1918-1935). Will consult LOC photo collections, and NARA archive of Armenian petitions to the Paris Peace Conference.

Ellen L. Fleischmann, Associate Professor, University of Dayton. Book: The Nation and Its ‘New’ Women: The Palestinian Women’s Movement, 1920-1948. (2003). Research interest: Effect of WWI on girls’ missionary schools, and the relationship between Arab girls and American missionary women. Particular interest on the “science” of Home economics and how American teachers shaped Arab women’s sense of women’s roles in their future, postwar societies. Will use LOC Arabic newspapers and NARA records from American consulates.

Tait S. Keller, Assistant Professor, Rhodes College. Book: A Landscape of Pleasure and Pain: The Eastern Alps from the Industrial Age to the Nazi Era (forthcoming). Current Research: A Global Environmental History of the Great War.  Interest in how the War transformed the “ecology” of states, and so their long-term policies of resource allocation, and in the impact of increased petroleum production and consumption. Will seek data on geopolitics of oil at NARA and LOC.

Issam Nassar, Associate Professor, Illinois State University. Books: European Portrayals of Jerusalem: Religious Fascinations and Colonialist Imaginations (2006); Laqatat mughayira: al-tasweer al-fotografi al-mubaker fi filastin 1850-1948 [Different Snapshots: Early Local Photography in Palestine 1850-1948] (2005); Photographing Jerusalem: The Image of the City in Nineteenth-Century Photography (1997); Vernacular Photography of the Middle East, edited with Lucie Ryzova (forthcoming). Current Research: Everyday life for Arabs in Jerusalem during World War I, a period when they enjoyed unprecedented control over their own affairs. Seeks more memoirs, family papers, photographs.

Andrew J. Patrick, Lecturer, NYU-Abu Dhabi. Forthcoming Books: America’s Forgotten Middle East Initiative:  The King-Crane Commission of 1919; America and the Middle East in the WWI Era PhD: 2011 University of Manchester, with Oliver Bast, Eugene Rogan Research Interests in DC: At LOC, papers of Ray Stannard Baker, Henry White, American Colony of Jerusalem. At NARA, American embassies and consulates in the Ottoman empire.

Ayşe Polat, Phd. Candidate, University of Chicago (with Holly Shissler). Dissertation: “Reasoning Islam: A Genealogy of the Late Ottoman Institutional and Intellectual Debates on Islam.” Research Interest:  Effect of WWI on Religious/Ethical domain, as part of the transition from Empire to Republic. Archives of the Darul Hikmetul Islam, which takes role of defending Islam from reformers and foreigners. Seeks information on US archives.

Mario M. Ruiz, Associate Professor, Hofstra University. Book: Illicit Lives: Sex, Death, and Violence in Egypt, 1849-1949 (forthcoming). Current Research: Labor and Mass Suffering in Egypt. Effects of British labor policy, martial law, and forced conscription on workers, soldiers and their families. Will consult LOC materials in Prints & Photographs, Manuscripts, and AMED rooms on labor recruitment in the Delta, especially the papers of  Charles Habib Malik family, Ismail Labib Bey, and the ANZAC forces in Egypt.

Nadya J. Sbaiti, Assistant Professor, Smith College. Book in progress: Lessons in History: Gender, Education, and Nation in Mandate Lebanon. Current research: Relationship of education and nation-building, and effect of the war on both. Focus on shifting identities in a multilayered population. Will work at the LOC on Arabic periodicals of the WWI era, and photographs and maps, and at NARA on consular records, and at Georgetown Library, which houses a tour guide collection.

Suzanne Schneider, PhD Candidate, Columbia University. Dissertation: “Drawing Lines:  Religious Communities and Boundaries of Knowledge in Mandatory Palestine.” Research interest:  How the war shaped identities and political strategies in the postwar era, as reflected in debates on education policy. Focus on role of government in creating separate spheres for Arabs and Jews. Secondary interest in experience of minorities in the military (subject of MA Thesis).

Ada H. Shissler  (Holly), Associate Professor, University of Chicago. Book: Between Two Empires: Ahmet Ağaoglu and the New Turkey (2003). Recent article: “Womanhood Is Not for Sale: Sabiha Zekeriya Sertel Against Prostitution and for Women’s Employment,” JMEWS 4:3 (Fall 2008).

Leonard V. Smith, Professor, Oberlin College. Books: The Embattled Self: French Soldiers’ Testimony of the Great War (2007); France and the Great War, 1914-18 (2003); Between Mutiny and Obedience: The Case of the French Fifth Infantry Division During World War I (1994). Current Research: The Paris Peace Conference, with a focus on how sovereignty was re-conceived in global terms with appeals by Woodrow Wilson and Bolsheviks. Will conduct research on local reactions to the King-Crane commission at LOC and NARA.

Nader Sohrabi, Research Professor in Ottoman/Turkish Studies, University of Utah. Book: Revolution and Constitutionalism in the Ottoman Empire and Iran (2011).  Current research: Turkish nationalism and the Disintegration of the Ottoman Empire, 1914-1918.

Stefanie K. Wichhart, Assistant Professor, Niagara University. Dissertation:  “Intervention: Britain, Egypt and Iraq during World War II” (at UT under William Roger Louis, Abraham Marcus). Publications:  “Selling Democracy during the Second British Occupation of Iraq, 1941-45,” J. of Contemporary History, forthcoming; “A New Deal for the Kurds: Britain’s Kurdish Policy in Iraq, 1941-45,” J. of Imperial and Commonwealth History 39:5 (Dec 2011). Current research: Egyptian narratives of World War I. Interest in how memories of WWI shaped the experience of WWII. Will work at LOC, AMED reading room, especially on microfilms of Egyptian newspapers—for an article on 1919 revolution. Also seeks deeper knowledge of the American Colony archive of photographs—to develop materials for use in teaching a course.

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