List of Recent Essays:

Capturing the Visible Evidence of Invisible Learning (Synthesis of Findings)
Randy Bass and Bret Eynon | Go to Full Article

Reading the Reader
Sharona Levy | Go to Full Article

Close Reading, Associative Thinking, and Zones of Proximal Development in Hypertext
Patricia E. O’Connor | Go to Full Article

Inquiry, Image, and Emotion in the History Classroom
Peter Felten | Go to Full Article

From Looking to Seeing: Student Learning in the Visual Turn
David Jaffee | Go to Full Article

Engaging Students as Researchers through Internet Use
Taimi Olsen | Go to Full Article

Trace Evidence: How New Media Can Change What We Know About Student Learning
Lynne Adrian | Go to Full Article

Shaping a Culture of Conversation: The Discussion Board and Beyond
Edward J. Gallagher | Go to Full Article

The Importance of Conversation in Learning and the Value of Web-based Discussion Tools
Heidi Elmendorf and John Ottenhoff | Go to Full Article

Why Sophie Dances: Electronic Discussions and Student Engagement with the Arts
Paula Berggren | Go to Full Article

Connecting the Dots: Learning, Media, Community
Elizabeth Stephen | Go to Full Article

Focusing on Process: Exploring Participatory Strategies to Enhance Student Learning
Juan-José Gutiérrez | Go to Full Article

Theorizing Through Digital Stories: The Art of “Writing Back” and “Writing For”
Rina Benmayor | Go to Full Article

Video Killed the Term Paper Star? Two Views
Peter Burkholder and Anne Cross | Go to Full Article

Producing Audiovisual Knowledge: Documentary Video Production and Student Learning in the American Studies Classroom
Bernie Cook | Go to Full Article

Multimedia as Composition: Research, Writing, and Creativity
Viet Nguyen | Go to Full Article

Looking at Learning, Looking Together: Collaboration across Disciplines on a Digital Gallery
Joseph Ugoretz and Rachel Theilheimer | Go to Full Article

“It Helped Me See a New Me”: ePortfolio, Learning and Change at LaGuardia Community College
Bret Eynon | Go to Full Article

From Narrative to Database: Protocols and Practices of Multimedia Inquiry in a Cross-Classroom Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Study
Michael Coventry and Matthias Oppermann | Go to Full Article

Digital Stories Archive

Digital Stories Archive
Michael Coventry and Matthias Oppermann

Multimedia in the Classrom at USC: A Ten Year Perspective
Mark E. Kann
| Go to Full Article

The following articles represent important perspectives on the themes of the Visible

Knowledge Project written by key stakeholders in the field of pedagogy and technology.

Making Common Cause: Electronic Portfolios, Learning, and the Power of Community
Kathleen Yancey, Barbara Cambridge, and Darren Cambridge | Go to Full Article

From Knowledgable to Knowledge-able:Learning in New Media Environments
Michael Wesch, Kansas State University | Go to Full Article

Participatory Learning and the New Humanities: An Interview with Cathy Davidson
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“Can We Promote Experimentation and Innovation in Learning As Well As Accountability?”
The VALUE Project Thinks We Can and Here’s How: An Interview with Terrel Rhodes
Randy Bass, Georgetown University | Go to Full Article

January 10, 2009