Local Dialogues of the VKP: 2002-2003

January 17, 2009

In the afternoon, the CUNY VKP campuses hosted the first event in the Graduate Center’s “Interdisciplinary Conversations” series. After showing the VKP video, Arthur Lau (LGCC), Rachel Theillheimer (BMCC), and David Jaffee (City College and the Graduate Center) presented their work. Gail Green-Anderson points out how the VKP has nourished interest among the participants in each other’s projects. Maintaining this contact and interest is necessary to encourage collaboration and dialogue. “It is important for us to get opportunities to find out how the work is progressing,” said Green-Anderson. The February meeting in New York provided such an opportunity.

The last event of the conference was a workshop with the faculty of the electronic portfolio pilot project. On Friday morning, the pilot faculty met for several hours to discuss and explore the ways and means by which digital storytelling could be integrated with electronic portfolios.

VKP Participates in Campus-Wide Event at Georgetown University

-By Lorraine Graham
Originally published July 2003

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