Meeting Notes for November 2011

Welcome to the first online “meeting.” Thanks for joining! You are now a member of an elite and exclusive group (TMSA) within another elite and exclusive group (GU TM) within another elite and exclusive group (Georgetown University). I hope to hear back from you soon so we can plan some events that are relevant, useful, and fun for all.

Read the info below and then reply to me so I can record your participation.

Discussion items:
• Calendar – suggestions welcome for event dates and locations – SEE ATTACHED
• Annual planning guide – details on event for the year, for those of you with a curious mind and an eye on leadership positions. Events include a resume party/job fair and service awards, as well as social events. – SEE ATTACHED
• Meeting format – suggestions welcome. We can record an informational video and post it online, with personal biographies and with our goals as a group. We have access to GoToMeeting which will be set up soon.
• Meeting notes will be emailed by midnight on the day that is listed on the calendar. This is the first month’s meeting notes document. Treasure it.
• We have a website. We need a social media moderator and content providers! Email me a photo, send a brief biography, or a short blog post (suggested topics: “my favorite lecture” or “the best happy hour ever”) and I will add it. Log in with your netID if you want to leave a comment.
• Service projects: if you are doing something special for your community – like mentoring a new professional, giving educational talks, teaching youth, or other projects – please let us know what you are up to. You might inspire others to join in, or even be recognized for your work by the TM program at the end of the academic year.

Action items:
• Reply!
• Send your permission for sharing your email address within this group, and for posting photos of you online
• Link to other TMSA members on LinkedIn this week
• And finally, check your email next month; notes will be sent on the night of December 1st.

Congratulations – you have reached the END of the notes!

Have a good one.


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