Meeting agenda for January 2012

Meeting Date: first Thursday, Jan. 5, 11:00 pm – to be held online; check your email

· Distribute updated calendar with events through May 2012, and website link.
· The new student leaders will share ideas for the following events:
o Job fair/resume party in March
o Women in Technology group. Leaders: Dana and Ash.
o Service Award ceremony in April/May. Nominated leader: Marshall Williams.
· Communications plan: Update webpage – available on GU server. Can add photos and student blog or comments from past events, calendar, meeting notes or meeting video archive
· Publicize, plan elections for the spring (April)
· A new student welcomer is needed in Georgetown Monday Jan. 9 at 6:00 pm. The events are hourly so you can attend part or all of the evening, from 6 to 10. I will get there at 9. We have 12 new TM students!

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