Twitter as a resource collection tool

Recently, Susan Pennestri shared a link from Derek Bruff’s blog that detailed how he handled his role as “Twitter team coordinator” for the POD Network/HBCU Faculty Development joint conference,

Derek provided valuable insight into the process of using Twitter as a conference backchannel, and even packaged the lessons in an embedded YouTube video.

The information could be extremely valuable to conference planners interested in using Twitter during their next event and well worth a read.

I wanted to focus attention, however, on an interesting artifact from the conference: a list of the most frequently shared links during the event.

A collection of attendees’ sentiments gathered from their Twitter posts can be an important metric of the successes/failures of an event, and should be recorded. Of even greater immediate value are the links shared through a common hashtag, a practice which provides a wealth of resources that might otherwise remain scattered.

Below is a list of the resources shared during the 2011 POD/HBCUFDN Conference…let us know in the comments if you’re interested in exploring any in more detail!

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