Update From Team Diane!

Diane Apostolos-Cappadona, Speical Collections, Gelardin Media Center and the TLT team are hard at work making OMEKA exhibitions and a timeline for CATH118: Mary & the Catholic Imagination.

New Progress: So far Diane and her class have broken out six working groups; one is making a time line of the major events in Marian theology, church history, music, and imagery and 5 are making OMEKA exhibitions of images of Mary in the GU Art Collection (1), on the GU Campus (2),  in Medieval Books (3), in Illustrated Bibles (4), and in 19th-century American Books & Paintings (5) respectively. Kelsey at CNDLS has put together an illustrated instructional guide on how to use OMEKA, and all the students have all had OMEKA accounts created for them.

Some Logistics: Ten images of Mary will be selected for each team to work with. The students will be responsible for the actual selection of the images to be used in coordination with both the appropriate curator from Special Collections and Diane. The students will then work to the digitize of these images with the support or by the staff of the Gelardin Media Center. As they are doing this they will also be researching of the following aspects of the image: how and why it is at Georgetown, its origin (style of book, its function, etc.), and its iconography (symbolism, Marian theology, historical significance). Students will use this research to write informative entries to be presented alongside the digitized images on the OMEKA virtual exhibition.

Next Steps: Students should be submitting their selections to Diane today for approval and then beginning their work digitizing these selections. In 2 weeks, the CNDLS staff will meet with the students in Dubin to remind them how to use OMEKA and troubleshoot with the class.

Future Possibilities: The team has come up with some great ideas that due to class size and time limitations are not be realisable this semester, but could make for great future TLT work if this class is taught again in the future, such as:

  • the development of audio-guides to the images of Mary on the Georgetown University campus including outdoor sculptures, works of art in campus buildings, and Dahlgren Chapel which can be accessed from smart phones or tablets by GU students, staff, parents, and alumni
  • print maps which will display the locations of the images of Mary on the GU campus.
  • a video documentary in which students would organize a mini-history of Mary throughout world religions by interviewing GU faculty and the Chaplains, and also find images relating to Mary in the larger spectrum of global religions.
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