Update from Team Nancy

Nancy Crego (NHS) has been hard at work on her TLT project! Here’s an update:

Nancy’s Project
Students in Nancy’s pediatric nursing courses play the roles of nurses and parents in patient-care scenarios set in the high-tech Simulation Center in St. Mary’s. This has proven to be an extremely valuable learning experience for the students.

Nancy debriefs with the students after the simulations, but has found that there isn’t really enough time for them to reflect on what they have learned. So she’s decided to film the simulations and ask the students to write ungraded reflections after viewing the videos. This will officially start in the spring semester.

Barrinton, Brian, and I visited the Sim Center so that we could see the setup first-hand.

Brian Boston (CNDLS) practices listening to the patient's heartbeat, with guidance from Nancy.

Barrinton Baynes (GNMC) offers a second opinion.










We also met some of Nancy’s colleagues from NHS, including Justin Owen, Director of Medical Technologies, and Wendy Thomson, Director for Simulation Education. We discovered that there are a number of technical and logistical challenges to recording the simulations.

  • The angle can be tricky — sometimes the students stand in front of the patient simulator, blocking the view of what they are doing. (This is particularly problematic with the smallest member of the patient simulator family, Neo-Nate!)
  • Privacy and security of the videos are important. Because the students often make mistakes in the simulations, Nancy’s motto is “what happens in simulation stays in simulation.” It’s crucial that the videos won’t be reposted or viewed by students in other groups.
  • Nancy is quite busy in the control room of the sim center, running the simulation, providing the voice of the patient simulator, AND controlling┬áthe camera! Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the students as they move around and make sure that the action is captured on film.

Possible Solutions

  • Barrinton Baynes (GNMC) is researching video hardware that would combine the feeds from the various cameras in the sim center. (Currently, the feeds are recorded separately.) These feeds could also include the monitor that shows the patient’s vital signs, freeing Nancy from having to zoom in and read these when needed.
  • We are looking into various options for storing the videos – for example, they could be stored on Blackboard and viewed through Sharestream, which would enable Nancy to restrict access to each video to the appropriate students.

It looks like we have some decisions to make… meanwhile, Nancy is planning to pilot the filming process with some of her students this semester in order to test things out.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting project!

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