End of Summer Fun

Camp CNDLS partyCamp CNDLS on Saturday August 27th!

frog & tadpoles

the farm frog (with tadpoles) who rules the koi pond

Please join in the fun with CNDLS as we celebrate summer.

We’ll gather 2ish and spend the afternoon enjoying the pool, the pond, the courts, the ~120 acres of possibilities!

Then we’ll have a potluck cookout perhaps culminating with s’mores at the fire pit. Mmmmm…

RSVP and sign up for a potluck dish and other stuff and then prepare for fun!

Location: 25214 Peach Tree Road Clarksburg Maryland (30 miles from the door of the car barn).

Time: 2ish onward…

Families and friends welcome–it’s a great space for kids and all.  But please leave pets at home so the resident animals can relax too!

Worried about whether you’ll have fun? Want to further assess the situation?  Ask Mindy! She’s had fun on the farm…

mindy with chailey

Mindy and Chailey enjoy the hammock while Clara watches

Tennis anyone? Marie cleans up on the court…

marie on tennis court

Marie enjoys a spot of tennis at the farm








There is a pond and you can fish it but if you want to swim best to stick with the pool…

goose familyKaili at the pool











There’s plenty of space for walking about or if that is too taxing you can lie about…

hay in field














You’ll find something fun to do–just come on out and join us.  See you there!


Fun at previous Camp CNDLS

Fun All Day

Want to pack your day before coming to the farm? Some ideas…

Sugarloaf Mountain–very close to farm and has hiking, top roping, black bears, mountain biking (though this is allowed at odd times so check).

Little Bennett Regional Park–this place is HUGE and if you are smart about your route you won’t have to see anyone while you hike, bike, or ride.  This is where Wims Baseball Field is–the homefield of the first organized African American baseball team in Montgomery County.

ruins of tobacco barn on "tobacco barn trail" in Little Bennett Regional Park

ruins of tobacco barn on "tobacco barn trail" in Little Bennett Regional Park

Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard–a small but interesting (usually) farmer’s market is here on Saturday’s.  You can hit it after your hike on the mountain and on your way to the farm for Camp CNDLS.

Frederick, Maryland–historic area with a downtown full of little local shops and the amazing farm to table restaurant, Volt (where maybe you can get in for lunch).

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9 Responses to End of Summer Fun

  1. Betsy Sigman says:

    Thanks so much Janet, would love to come but have a wedding shower of a dear friend to go to. I hope you will have a great time! Thanks again. Betsy

  2. Beth Marhanka says:

    Unfortunately, we are planning to be out of town that weekend. I had a great time hanging out on the farm last summer so am disappointed that we can’t be there. Have fun!

  3. Janet Russell says:

    we’ll miss you betsy and beth! i guess this means we can’t sit around the fire pit and talk about data and databases…or at least not as smartly w/o betsy there…

  4. Maggie Debelius says:

    So sorry to miss the fun but we’ll be out of town that weekend!

  5. Nelia Gustafson says:

    Janet – Thank you so much for the wonderful invitation! We have family coming in to town next weekend; so my wacky crew and I are going to have to miss the fun.

  6. Sherry Steeley says:

    Hi Janet,
    Thanks for including us. I apologize for the delay in responding – I was awaiting input from some extended family. It looks like we’ll be there – with my young son who is a big fan of Georgetown.

    As for potluck contribution, we’ll bring a cookout side that’s a favorite here: mac and cheese. Let me know if you’d rather we bring an alternative…


    • janet says:

      nelia and maggie–darn! next time…

      sherry–i LOVE mac&cheese–thrilled. i’m going to add you to the official RSVP google doc. this will allow others to track the different dishes and optimize pairings! plus…we may need to contact all folks regarding weather (irene) issues…

  7. Jennifer Lubkin says:

    Hey Janet, is there a rain plan?

    • Janet Russell says:

      sadly we DO have to cancel. i’ll send out a note to all those on the RSVP list. no alternative plans yet…

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