Trident Gum Releases “Radio Frequency Shielding Fabric” Fashion Line

So Trident — yes, the same company that makes the gum — just released a new fashion line featuring radio frequency shielding fabric.

Trident Fashion Line

The angle on the clothes is more than just technology privacy. By branding this line as “Keep Life in Focus” – the emphasis is more on preserving your mental health, spending more time with your family and friends, finding that nice zen place where the rest of the world is all noise. Noisy technology, noisy sensors, noisy data collection trying to distract us from the world.

But wait! You know what will draw as back to a sane and happy place?

An entire dress made out of RF-blocking fabric!

Trident Fashion Line_Dress

Interesting to have an entire dress or coat made out of this fabric — sure there’s a bit of a groovy Jetson steampunk vibe going on there, but RF-shielding fabric is typically made into pockets or purses where wallets or phones can be conveniently stored. Would we be wearing RFID or RF-emitting devices on the rest of our bodies? Or maybe it’s just a bolder statement about privacy and mental health–heck, even little pockets don’t cut it anymore, we should also shield our entire selves!

Trident Fashion Line_Jacket


The exhibition, Focus: Life in Gear, just started on March 28th and runs until April 6th in Toronto. Curious to see who else will be there, and what folks think of the clothes.