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The Appeal of School Festivals

There’s nothing quite like a Japanese school festival. Usually accompanied by a short school break, Japanese school festivals consist of up to a full weekend of performances, events, exhibitions, and large crowds, allowing student groups to showcase their talents, raise … Continue reading

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Two’s A Crowd, Three’s A Party…Until They All Fall Down.

If we consider the wise words above by Andy Warhol to hold true, then the pueblicito (little town) named Consuegras that 88-year-old Antonio lives in with his four chickens, three goats, and one horse definitely charts itself proudly on the map of … Continue reading

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In Case of Fire

I will take this moment to apologize for the tardiness of this post. I am finally starting to realize that despite the fact that it is 80 degrees outside and the only activities that I can seem to make time … Continue reading

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Asakusa Sanja Festival (or Attack of the Roaming Shrines)

This past weekend I had the honor of attending Tokyo’s largest Shinto festival, the Asakusa Sanja Festival, which honors three men (now kami or Shinto gods) who are credited with beginning Senso-ji, the main temple of Asakusa, presently an important … Continue reading

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