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Hailing from New York, Joseph Richman is extremely excited to be spending his junior year in London. A junior in the college, he knows that a year at the LSE will be a fulfilling experience replete with football matches, concerts, and excursions throughout the British Isles. Joe cannot wait to hear the crowd at his first football match. An avid fan of the New York Yankees, Giants, Rangers, and Knicks, he wants to know what the true religion of football is like in England. Additionally, his lifelong love of British music from the Beatles to the Arctic Monkeys will surely have him navigating the grungy rock clubs all around London town. While he remains a bit sad about giving up an entire year at Georgetown, he has never been more excited about any opportunity in his life than being able to live and study in London.


…the sound of sheep fills my ears.  After miserable weeks of nothing but essay writing, I’m back, and with stories of the nether regions of the Scottish Highlands.  But first, a couple quick hitters: ARSENAL UPDATE:  After weeks of misery … Continue reading

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Oh When the Saints, Go Marching In!!!

I had my first spell of homesickness yesterday.  During the singing of the Star Spangled Banner at Wembley Stadium, I stood staring at the massive American Flag on the field, and for the first time in a month had that … Continue reading

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Who Was That Band From Liverpool?

In the two weeks since my last blog post, my life has been a constant and unyielding whirlwind.  My friends and I have been working under the assumption that every minute spent in our rooms is a minute that we’ve … Continue reading

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Just Touched Down In London Town

I sit here in the library on the fourth floor looking out a window to the grayest of all worlds.  That’s right, I’ve finally arrived in London and have been here for a week and a half.  While much of … Continue reading

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Goodbye Old Friend. I will miss you…

This has been a Monday like no other.  Rather than the usual doldrums that accompany the morning alarm clock, my depression had set in well before the news came on bright and early.  Last night I said goodbye to a … Continue reading

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]               Last week, the most important monument in the United States honored the official point of midsummer.  That’s right, the All-Star Game was at Yankee Stadium.  As one of the lucky fifty-six thousand who were able to witness the most incredible … Continue reading

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