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Heidi Pashman is an undergraduate student at Georgetown University finishing her second year in the College as a Comparative Literature Major. Within the major, she is concentrating primarily on French and English literature. Heidi is participating in two study abroad semesters for the 2008-2009 academic year, as well as a 2008 summer program. During the fall, her destination is Alanya, Turkey where she will study at Georgetown’s Villa. She will then be studying in Strasbourg, France during the spring. While her year abroad will be enthralling and new, her heart belongs at home. However, writing is her best companion along the way.

And then there was ALANYA…

When I first walked, or rather, ran out of excitement, into our “lojman” (Turkish for apartment) located in Alanya, the main destination of the semester, I realized why the people in charge don’t fly us there initially. There are many … Continue reading

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Ankara I left my hotel with two of the girls on the program and headed for the nearest grocery store. We were scavenging for snacks and beverages on an afternoon in Ankara after a very long day at the Turkish … Continue reading

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And if you want these kind of dreams, it’s Orientation. It’s the edge of the world, at least the Western civilization…* Orientation came running at me, hit me, and then continued sprinting for the next two weeks following my arrival … Continue reading

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The Infamous Arrival

My arrival in the Istanbul, Atatürk Airport was quite indicative of the way I would be treated for the duration of my two-week orientation. I walked out of a small door after schlepping my luggage from the baggage claim to … Continue reading

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“Rubber Time”

“I have found that when we go on a journey, we buy time, because we give our full attention. We are present and conscious because all the newness of our surroundings keeps us sparked and alert. Travel prolongs our time, … Continue reading

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