One More Set of Transatlantic Flights

I am in my final week of my six-week spring break. In that time, I drove throughout Iceland and Ireland, and visited Edinburgh and Sweden before flying home to Chicago. Not very warm places for ‘spring break,’ but I reckoned I wouldn’t be likely to travel to those places again in my life next time I went on a big trip. Basically, I’ve been on the move, and I am at the point where staying in one place too long feels strange. Having these long breaks to travel has made me feel comfortable staying at Oxford over term and saving my traveling for after term! I cannot believe that I am about to start my final eight weeks at Oxford. I am very grateful we had the three terms because otherwise I think I would feel completely overwhelmed trying to acclimate and create lasting relationships in Oxford as well as travel Europe. This way, I was able to do it all and not feel like it was a sprint.

Trinity term is known as being the best term at Oxford because the weather is warm, the English gardens are blooming, and outdoor activities are abundant. For example, we can play croquet on the Pembroke lawns on weekends and go ‘punting’ on the River Thames (re: punting, think a gondola).

For my last terms my goals are to study for the LSAT, spend a lot of time outside, do all the classic ‘Oxford’ things one last time, and really do a final push to invest in my relationships. I’m sure my last post will be much more sappy than this one, but I’m not ready to get into that just yet.

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