Bruxelles, j’arrive!

After enjoying a much appreciated extended winter break, I’m finally ready to head off to Brussels, where I’ll be studying for the next five months.

My dad’s job has found him recently locating to Japan, so I’ve been spending the last month in Tokyo with him. I feel like I’ve done a good job of adapting to Japanese culture, but after a month of bowing to say thank you and waiting patiently at every single crosswalk (jaywalking really isn’t a thing over here. Tragic, I know.), I know I’m in for quite a bit of culture shock when I touch down.

I decided to book a flight for a couple days before my program starts, and even though my housing doesn’t start until my program does, I’ve got a bed in a backpackers hostel in the heart of Brussels, so I’m excited to take a couple days to wander around Brussels on my own. I’ve gone on a few backpacking trips with my brother, both in Europe and in Japan, and while this will be my first time going alone, I’m not too worried (lies). I’ll be taking all my classes in French, so that’s a little worrisome (truth), but I’m less focused on the things I’ll be learning in the classroom and thinking more about what I hope to experience outside of it.

I’m looking forward to being dropped right into a brand new environment, and I have every plan to hit the ground running and take in as much as I can. While five months seems like a long time to be away from my friends and family, I know it’s going to fly by so I need to make the most of my time.

I’ve been practically living out of a suitcase anyway (read: I’ve been cycling through the same three shirts so I wouldn’t have to unpack), so my bags are pretty much set and ready to go. All that’s left to do is fly!

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