Missing Scotland

Now that I have been back in the US for a few weeks, I am really starting to miss Edinburgh. First and foremost, I miss the weather, which is something I never thought I would say. But the high humidity of DC summers is a stark contrast to the cool, blustery Scottish weather. I guess only a muggy DC summer can force me to appreciate the weather I left behind.

What I miss most, however, is the attitude I had while abroad. When I was in Edinburgh, it felt like anything was possible. I know that is very cliche, but for once I actually lived my life according to that sentiment. Instead of putting something off for another day, I would seize the moment.

Here, I so often get stuck in the Georgetown bubble. It is easier to remain in my comfort zone, and to find excuses to prevent myself from venturing out. There is always too much homework, or too many commitments, or just too many random and useless things to do. I have subconsciously become an expert at convincing myself that it is never the right time to have some sort of adventure.

In Scotland, I relaxed quite a bit. Instead of finding another assignment to keep me occupied, I would trek halfway across Edinburgh in the freezing wind to try a new bakery. I planned weekend trips just a few days in advance. And if I had nothing to do, I wouldn’t curl up with Netflix, but instead make elaborate dinners with my friends.

It is harder to maintain that attitude at Georgetown, likely because I have never cultivated it here. But I am trying to seize the moment more often. I’ll just need to remember that spending a Sunday morning at brunch in AdMo or a Wednesday evening at a concert at 9:30 club will not hinder my academic or social commitments, and will help me reclaim the sense of adventure that studying abroad taught me.

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