Only in Jordan (Cont’d)…

22. Would a guy take off his pants (literally undo his belt, unzip, and pull down) in the “corner” of the mall to re-tuck in his shirt.

23. Would stores not open until 1:30 pm but stay open until 1:30 am.

24. Would my roommate and I wake up to stray cats in our living room (twice).

25. Would a milkshake be considered a nesquick chocolate milk with ground peanuts.

26. Would we have to call our professor at a conference in London to clarify an exam question becaue the English doesn’t make any sense.

27. Would my best friend (you know who you are) mistake me for a veiled woman from a distance.

28. Would we be invited into a stranger’s house for coffee/breakfast because my roommate and I were walking down the street speaking English.

29. Would my roommate’s and my attitude towards seeing spiders change from “EOIHCNSLMWARHI AHHHHH SPIDER KILL IT!” to “oh, there’s a spider…whatever”.

30. Would walking through campus be the best way to study for the “neswanji” (womanizer) chapter for my midterm.

31. (and along the lines of #30) only in Jordan would there need to be a chapter on “neswanjis”.

32. Would we get an email on Halloween saying “wearing a Halloween costume in public could attract negative attention, stone-throwing, and even arrest if alcohol is involved.”

33. Would the coffee shop guy tell me to “cry about it” when I asked why they don’t serve chai tea lattes when it’s on the menu.

34. Would a pickup line be “I would leave my girlfriend for you” or “I wish I were a fish so I could swim in your magic eyes”.

35. Would a customs official threaten not to let me into the country until I gave him my phone number.

36. Would a guy not make me pay for my meal as a welcoming gesture and because “he is my brother”.

37. Would it be ok to smoke an ENTIRE pack of cigarettes at a white tablecloth restaurant.

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  1. Suha says:

    With all due respect, is that the only point from study abroad? to learn how to generalize to state that “you” are better? Rather than it being a life changing experience. No country is Utopia believe me I know. But aren’t you going over the top here?

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