Only in Jordan

Only in Jordan…

1. would a taxi driver back up in the middle of a busy street because he missed the left turn.

2. would my handshake be rejected by a man.

3. would the forecast be a dust storm with a possible chance of mud rain.

4. would I have to purchase toilet paper for my hotel room.

5. would my confused professor tell a student “you are really doing a mess here”.

6. would a food stand by the university only sell hot creamed corn.

7. would 80 degrees be considered “cool” and definitely jean weather.

8. would a textbook be considered a packet of all the required articles/chapters from different books copied (completely legally) and bound together in a “textbook”.

9. would MacDonalds be considered feasting in style.

10. would a taxi driver smoke at least 2 cigarettes on the 15 minute drive home.

11. would a restaurant be named “Heart Attack” with “food worth dying for” as its slogan.

12. would our landlords take us up to their apartment for “intensive care” if we are sick.

13. would a 1 JD bill be the only usable form of currency even though every bank scowls when you ask for change.

14. would you walk into a 7 x 7 clothing shop and have the shop owner pull out hanus clothes that he’d think you’d like (even though nobody should ever like those clothes).

15. would fresh mango juice be considered breakfast (it only costs $1.40!).

16. would a taxi driver hand me tissues to wipe my sweat.

17. would bus drivers try to recruit you to go on their bus even if its destination is the complete opposite direction of yours.

18. would cramming 5 people in the backseat of a taxi be allowed.

19. would a box of cornflakes cost $8.

20. would we be offered hand sanitizer only AFTER the meal.

21. would walking to class mean “stare at the American”.

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