Look out Jordan, Here I Come!

الشرق الاوسط. The Middle East. Three words that are music to my ears. It has been three long years since I have been back to the region, and that’s three years too long. Although I will only have the opportunity to visit the two Arab cities, Marrakech and Cairo, that stole my heart during my time abroad (إن شاء الله…God willing), I will be exploring more of the region that means the most to me. Amman, Jordan will be my place of residence in less than a week!

As disappointed as I am that my ticketed destination does not read Aleppo, Syria, I will absolutely make the most of my time in Jordan. Researching and studying Syria for an entire three months this summer only made me wish I had an opportunity to visit the country of my heritage, but I will put that dream on hold…for now. Who knows, maybe Amman will soon be added to the list of Arab cities that stole my heart!

But when exactly did summer end?! And why did it happen so quickly? The first full summer I spent at home since fifth grade went by faster than any other summer I can remember. As exhausting as my full time internship was, I absolutely loved my time at work and already look forward to working there again next summer. But wait a second, Caitlin, why are you already thinking about next summer? You have two semesters abroad that should be occupying your thoughts. And they most definitely are.

With my conservative clothing in piles, my “fit-for-walking” shoes lined up, my bag of Chewy Bars (my last taste of home) ready, and my school supplies in order, I feel like I am ready. I am ready for the heat. I am ready for the dust and sand. I am ready for the shawarma and falafel. I am ready for the Call to Prayer. I am ready for the crazy taxi drivers. I am ready to speak Arabic 24/7.I am ready to be back in my favorite pocket of the world.

I am ready for Jordan. So Jordan, you better get ready for me!


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  1. Steph says:

    HOPE YOU’RE HAVING A BLAST, love you and miss you! I plan on stalking you through this blog. <3

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