As the Summer Comes to a Close

Leaving Oxford this past weekend was bittersweet. Six weeks ago I walked onto the Trinity College campus expecting to get some of my credits out of the way, visit some businesses I probably did not care about and maybe put a few names to some faces I had seen around the MSB. No big deal. Instead I left with a renewed sense of direction, new friends, and a new community which to call my own.

On the hilltop there are many different subcultures that compose each member of the student body. Although being a Hoya is an identity within itself, for me being a student in the MSB is definitely a large part of that. It wasn’t until this trip that I got the chance to earnestly explore that aspect of my life at Georgetown. There we were. A group of 40 MSB students, some of whom knew each other beforehand, many who didn’t, and even a few who might have never even seen each other before. Together we spend our days watching the clock in our three-hour classes, or nudging each other awake during the business presentations and at night we would throw darts in the beer cellar or party hard at a local nightclub. Many of our paths had never crossed while at Georgetown but now, despite its brevity, we will always have our time at Oxford.

A majority of the Oxford participants will return to the hilltop in a matter of weeks, while myself and a few others scatter across the European continent for the semester. As much as I was ready to leave Oxford (I don’t think I could have gone much longer without sunshine), I am still upset that I will not be reuniting with my new group of friends for quite some time.

I may not have been best friends with every single person on the trip, but it doesn’t matter. For the last six weeks these are the people I have lived with, eaten meals with, vacationed with and most importantly, with whom I have shared this wonderful experience. No matter where the rest of our time at Georgetown takes us, we will always have the summer of 2011 at Trinity College.

I knew all of one person when I arrived on the Fourth of July, but now when I enter the Hariri building it will be lit up with all of these familiar faces. Now that is something worth looking forward to.

Moral of the Story: Spending my summer at Trinity College in Oxford (well, half of it anyway) was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not to mention, I get free admission to Trinity for life. A definite perk if I do say so myself :-)

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  1. Reginald Robinson says:

    I’ve always heard parents express their love and concern of wanting their kids strive in life and to do better than them, I must stay that I’m a very proud big brother also. For people that really know me they know I treat my siblings as my kids, and just the same want them to do great things. Yea yea I know I can be sappy but it was like yesterday when you were born, and I’ve watched you grow to a grown woman achieving your dreams. I miss you so much, and can’t wait until spring break when we take our brother and sister coastal trip (Paula Deans). I still can’t believe my bandana wearing (moms choice) lil sister is a grown woman.

    PS. We never stop learning or growing, until we meet our maker!

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