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So, after 6 or 7 locations in three weeks, I am back in Prague for one night before I fly to the US at 10 am tomorrow morning. I figured I’d use the free wi-fi in my hostel to write a blog post, now that I have my own laptop back (yay!). After tonight, I will no longer be “Abroad”, (I’ll be just broad? un-broad? debroad?) so I guess this is my last post…

Time has been behaving funny lately, stretching out and getting thin and not making a lot of sense. I seem to be counting in hours or in weeks, but not days, and I’m never sure if I’m coming or going. I did a lot of travelling these past 3 weeks – some weeks had 3 plane rides, this past one had no fewer than 4 currencies – on top of a semester where I went to a new country almost every weekend, and its catching up to me. I have some sort of vague stomach illness, for one thing (you know that old expression, “a strong constitution”? I don’t have that), I’m tired, all my clothes are worn and dirty, and, really, I’m ready to go home.

I guess being ready to go home when its time to go home is a good thing – I dont feel particularly sad to leave – but I think it has impeded my processing of this particular experience. My longing for the comforts of home-ness outweigh my desire for all the wonders of travel, which I usually sing the praises of. I think I’m just travelled out.

I read a line in a movie review the other day comparing traveling to that old expression that houseguests are like fish – after three days, they start to stink. Three days is too little, obviously, but maybe a few weeks? A few months? The 10th plane ride or border crossing?

That being said, it was rather nice to come back to Prague, even if it was just for an evening. Strange to not belong here anymore – my tram pass had expired and I had to buy regular metro tickets (ew), most of the people I know are gone – but I really do like this city, and it was nice to remember that. I got takeout and sat in Wenceslas Square, the first touristy stop, and watched the sun go down, and thought about how little I really know this city. Four months isnt very long. What do I know about Prague now? On the other hand, what is there to know about a city anyway? I lived and worked and ate and went places and I know a lot about candy. What more could I have asked for from “abroad”?

Its been fun. Shira out.

About Shira Hecht

Shira Hecht is a junior, majoring in English and minoring in Art History and Philosophy, who lives in New Jersey when not at school. She will be spending the spring semester in Prague, where she has "roots". Her life revolves around writing, reading, culture (pop and not), and the Internet. She is worried about who will stay up to watch the Oscars with her from the Czech Republic, but excited about being able to indulge her usually neglected wanderlust.
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