An unwanted visitor on my trip: Strep

This morning I woke up, was brushing my teeth, and discovered a white patch on one of my tonsils. After having a minor panic attack, I searched the symptom online. I think I may have strep throat. I’m searching for a little paper of the list of doctors I received from the medical clinic that gave me my physical for the titre de séjour. I hope it’s just strep throat, Please God please….But I have a minor ear infection as well, so I’m afraid it might be the flu.

It’s going to be difficult finding a doctor open on Sunday, and I may have to go out of the center of the town to find one. Which will be hard because there are only two or three buses that run on Sundays throughout the whole town, and they run on the hour. And my flight leaves at 6 pm, meaning I’ll have to be back to my room by 4 pm to collect my luggage.

What a crap day to get sick. :(

About Dominga Julicia J

Julicia is a junior in the School of Foreign Service. She is studying at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (also known as Sciences Po) in Poitiers, France. She has loved creative writing since she was young, and has a passion for learning foreign languages. She is very excited to be studying abroad in France at Sciences Po!
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