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    Here is some draft language of top level thoughts for Social pedagogies.

    Definition: Social Pedagogies are design approaches for teaching and learning that are communication-intensive, strive to build and work with a sense of intellectual community, and seek to bridge disciplinary understanding with broader contexts for learning.

    Some Value Assertions:

    • We value learning that asks students to grapple with difficulty in ways that engages them with the processes of learning and stages of understanding.
    • We value learning that makes porous the divide between formal academic knowledge and integrative educational experience.
    • We value learning that helps students build connections between personal and intellectual significance.

    Project Claims

    • Social pedagogies are particularly effective at engaging students with the difficult dimensions of core concepts.
    • Social pedagogies bridge disciplinary understanding with embodied dimensions of learning.
    • Social pedagogies build in iterative cycles of engagement with the most difficult material, not just as content but through ways of thinking, ways of acting, ways of communicating.
    • Social pedagogies open up a set of filters or conditions for student learning–such as prior knowledge, identity, difference–that can be ignored or suppressed through more bounded, traditional pedagogies.
    • Social pedagogies ask students to position themselves to knowledge in the context of audience and community.

    these are just draft assertions and claims…works in progress. COMMENTS?


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