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    Gender, Sexuality & the Body is considered a cultural studies method course.  This means that it is supposed to have some research component beyond being simply a readings course.

    The course aims to teach students to think critically and flexibly about gender, sexuality, and the body. Students in this course will explore a range of methodological and theoretical issues in these topics through reading and discussing of important texts and models for gender/sexuality/body research. Students in the course will engage with (often) difficult material by returning to it multiple times, both through in-class discussion of readings and through writing, peer feedback and revision. The final project—which is meant to build on writing and revision conducted on an ongoing basis—should be a substantive digital.

    Our key intellectual moves will be to consider issues of method first, then work through both theoretical writings and some applied models. For the first 1/2 of the semester, we will work with revisions to a Personal Identity Narrative, rewriting it based on theoretical insights drawn from each unit. During the second 1/2 of the semester, we will begin to engage in analysis of a ‘cultural artifact,’ revising and working that into a plan for a final project.

    Learning Goals for this Course

    • Familiarity with the critical vocabulary on gender, sexuality and the body

    • Improved strategies for reading and understanding difficult texts

    • Developing ability to apply this vocabulary flexibly across personal and cultural spheres

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