Social Justice Documentary

Welcome to the Social Justice Documentary website, hosted by Georgetown University’s Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching and Service. On this site you will be able to explore the relationship between social justice and documentary media.

The genesis of this site is Dr. Bernie Cook’s course, FMST-399:CBL Social Justice Documentary Video. On this site you will be able to view and respond to short documentary projects created by the students in Dr. Cook’s course. A goal of the course is to extend learning beyond Georgetown’s campus into the DC community through collaborative work with community partners. The website takes this effort one step further by extending the conversation online to include the broadest possible audience for community-based learning. For context, please view the short video above featuring a conversation about social justice and documentary media between Dr. Cook and Dr. Kathleen Maas Weigert, Founding Director of the Center for Social Justice. Please join in the conversation by choosing and viewing a documentary and then posting a response.

This site was created through a collaboration between the Center for Social Justice, the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship, and The Georgetown College Film and Media Studies Initiative.

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