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Mar 12 2010

Stamford Bridge

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Hey ‘Cuse

Are you Tottenham?

Are you Tottenham?

Are you Tottenham in disguise?

Nice win Hoyas

Stamford Bridge

A few students had the chance to go out and take a tour of Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea F.C. Wish I had more time to go into specifics, but it was interesting to see adidas activation after seeing Nike at Emirates. As usual I won’t attempt to woo you with words but wow you with pictures. Sorry for the quick post, but I am off to do some sightseeing! Cheerio!
adidas on the seats
These are the machines they use to make the grass grow in the winter.

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Mar 11 2010

Craven Cottage

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This wasn’t on the trip, but a group of us decided to walk over to Craven Cottage home of the Fulham football team. This was a huge difference from Emirates Stadium because the grounds were situated literally in people’s backyards. It is hard to even think of a comparison in the states. The stadium was built in 1896 and it shows! I was shocked to find the capacity was only slightly over 25,000.


First, yes I am buying a scarf at every EPL ground I visit, and yes that is where most of my money has gone. Notice the black doorways behind me? Those are actually the entrances where fans scan their tickets. I personally would have to turn sideways to enter them! Certainly not built for Americans!

More video!

Another exceptional video by Joe George! Hopefully this will give you an idea of how crazy Emirates Stadium got during each goal at the UEFA game.

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Mar 10 2010

UEFA Champions League Game – Arsenal v. F.C. Porto

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To have expectations is to be disappointed.

Remember buying a Kerry Collins jersey in 2001, only to see the Giants lose the Super Bowl 37-7?

How about being thrilled to see Titanic and then realizing you already knew the ending (the ship sinks for those who haven’t seen it)?

For the 18 SIM students on the London trip, we were told a UEFA Champions League game would be unlike anything we ever saw. Our Dean, Matt Winkler, warned us to be polite to Arsenal fans as they would be extremely sensitive. Arsenal executive Tom Fox told us Saturday’s EPL game could not even compare. Even our Emirates Stadium tour guide Vic warned us of hooliganism (apparently a real and very serious problem over here).

So naturally we would be disappointed…

Yea… right.

I have seen Derek Jeter smash the first ever November home run in the World Series, watched David Tyree catch a ball through apparent divine intervention, and even seen the New York Knicks win a playoff game (no really, I have), but nothing, and I do mean absolutely nothing, can compare to what we saw at the Arsenal v. F.C. Porto game last night.

Passion… pure passion. Nicklas Bendtner, who was treated like a footy punching bag after missing a myriad of opportunities v. Burnley, became the hero of the night with a hat trick, which allowed Arsenal to advance in the UEFA tournament.

Currently it is 2 in the morning in London, so I can not explain to you much more about one of the best nights of my life, but hopefully my ear-to-ear smile below will do the trick…


Arsenal won the game 5-0 and advance to the next round of the UEFA Champions League.


I know a few MLS fans, particularly the front office at D.C. United, are following this blog, so I thought it would be appropriate to show you just how far this league has come! Look who Katie and I sat next to at the Arsenal game…


Joe Cannon, goalkeeper for the San Jose Earthquakes! Small world!

Here is a video of Nasri’s goal that sent Emriates wild… (courtesy of Mr. Stephen Goff at the Washington Post).


If you watch to the end you can hear the “Who Are You” chant… Kelly Leahey’s personal favorite!

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Mar 07 2010

Wembley Stadium, Kebabs and Gooners

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Today the SIM students had a free day to head out and pursue their own adventures. A group of 14 decided to head out to Wembley Stadium in north west London for a behind-the-scenes tour of the 90,000 seat state-of-the-art facility. The 90 minute tour encompassed all aspects of the stadium including the press room, English National Team locker room, royal box and the player tunnel. I could sit here all night and explain about how much I saw, but lets have some pictures do the talking…

Group Wembley

SIM students gathered to take a picture in the stadium. If you look in the background you can see that the pitch is currently being rebuilt.


Kelly standing on Wembley Way. The giant arch over the stadium is actually supporting the roof covering the seats.


While waiting for the tour to begin a few students decided to play FIFA ’10 on X-Box. Yup, we travelled to another continent and are still playing video games!


This is the press room inside of Wembley Stadium. What you can’t see is the 100+ leather padded chairs for the press. The journalists get more comfortable seats than the people being interviewed! They call this the “hot seat.”


This never happens… a good picture of me! This photo is on field level. To get to this spot we were put into two lines and walked through the team tunnel. They played music and everything… it really felt like we were walking out to play in the FA Cup.


Luke with or …errr… embracing… the FA Cup. As you can tell a new football (soccer for those of you back in the States) fan has been born on this trip.


This is the crossbar from England’s 1966 World Cup victory at Wembley Stadium. To us, it was just a piece of wood, but for the Englishmen in attendance it was the most important object they ever saw.


Tonight the whole group met up for a delicious Thai dinner. We were joined for the first time by Jimmy Lynn, who will be with us for the rest of the trip. The dinner was delicious, but one particular delicatessen  has become quite popular with the students on this trip…


That is Kebab Machine and they make quite the Kebab.



Ashley, Erica and Kaitlin hit the town and did some shopping at Harrods. For these ladies shopping is a serious sport!


For the SIM crew Monday will be a busy day. At 7:20 a.m. we are meeting in the hotel lobby to head over to our tour of parliament! At 14:00 (2 p.m.!) we will be traveling back to Emirates Stadium for a tour and meet with Arsenal executives.

Speaking of Arsenal, the team added a whole new group of fans this weekend. After seeing the Arsenal v. Burnley match, the SIMers are hooked on footy! We are making a stop at the team store tomorrow to pick up our scarves for the UEFA Champions League game on Tuesday. Consider us American Gooners! We have been studying and practicing the Arsenal chants to be better prepared for Tuesday’s big game. We have been using the following video, shot by SIM student Joe George, as a study guide.

Joe George’s Who Are You Chant


(We really did not like the Burnley supporters)

Until tomorrow… Cheerio!

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Mar 05 2010

No More Worrying Mom… We Are In London!

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For those of us that flew over on United 922 we are safely and comfortably in our hotel.

While a seven hour and sixteen minute plane ride may seem a bit daunting, the SIM students wasted not a moment. From my perch in 38 B I saw a row of students all taking in the latest Sports Business Journal.  Also congratulations to Matt, who got his sales midterm paper done!  It would be nice to have that kind of time to work on it, but section 2 had our paper due last night… thanks Dawn and Jamie!


I certainly used my time productively. After stepping off the plane I can strongly recommend The Invention of Lying staring Ricky Gervais! If comedy isn’t your cup of tea (insert UK joke here) Up In the Air starring George Clooney will certainly grab at your heartstrings. The movie actually inspired me to sign up to start collecting miles from United. I want that 10 million mile card! Who am I kidding? Forget this sports thing I want to be the pilot.


Couldn’t be more excited for tomorrow. Arsenal v. Burnely at Emirates Stadium! For those of you a little behind the Earth’s rotation the game kicks off at 9:55 a.m. ET. Check back for photos and updates. Don’t forget to follow our tweets.

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Mar 04 2010

Ready to light the torch

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Ever wonder what happened to the Olympic flame when it was extinguished in Vancouver last Sunday? Well obviously it is carried to its next destination! That’s where the Georgetown Sports Industry Management London Tour 2010 comes in. Tomorrow morning, eighteen SIM students will take the flame and light the cauldron for the 2012 London Summer Olympics!

Ok, well not exactly, but eighteen of us will be traveling to London tomorrow to further our sports education… and yes, the Olympics will be involved.

Maybe I should back up and introduce myself. My name is Andrew Minucci and I am finishing up my Master’s of Professional Studies in the Georgetown University Sports Industry Management program. I am currently a marketing intern with D.C. United and have aspirations to work in Major League Soccer. I chose to attend the Georgetown SIM program because of the exceptional faculty, access to top-tier internships and location in Washington D.C.

But enough about me.

Over the next eight days my fellow Hoyas and I will be in London meeting with decision-makers for some of the top sports businesses in the world. My fellow students and I will be providing blog updates about our experience and offering you a glimpse of the sports world across the big pond.

From March 5-13 we will be visiting with more organizations than I can name, but here is a little preview.

  • Arsenal (Emirates Stadium)
  • Wembley Stadium
  • Parliament
  • Nike – Social Responsibility
  • London 2012 Olympic Org.
  • NBA International
  • Octagon UK
  • Wimbledon
  • AEG Europe and the 02 Arena
  • IMG

What am I most excited for? Well that’s like picking your favorite child, but if I really had to chose I would say the UEFA Champions League match at Emirates Stadium on March 9. As an aspiring professional in the domestic soccer business, seeing state-of-the-art Emirates Stadium and the production involved in a major international soccer fixture is a dream come true.

Oh yea, the fact I am a big Arsenal fan certainly doesn’t hurt either.

All that being said I invite you to follow our journey, interact with us in the comments section, and hopefully learn a thing or two you didn’t know about the international sports business.

Check back tomorrow morning as my colleague Kelly Erisman will be giving you an update from the Dulles Airport.

See you in London!

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