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Jul 27 2011

Students Recap SIM High School Symposium- July 3-9, 2011

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By Eli Steinfeld- Dallas, Texas

Our week at Georgetown University was a truly unique experience that allowed me to explore the world of sports in a unique light. Along with 99 other high school students, we had the opportunity to learn from some of the most respected individuals working in the sporting community, including professors from Georgetown’s SIM Program Staff, executives from the NFLPA, Washington Nationals, Washington Wizards, Washington Kastles, and a bevy of other well-respected companies.

When I arrived at Georgetown and began to meet students from all over the country and a few foreign countries, I was amazed to hear how knowledgeable the students were about the sports world. Whether the topics regarded the Los Angeles Dodgers financial situation or the state of the FIFA governing committee, each student I spoke to always had a refreshing opinion that would not have otherwise crossed my mind. I couldn’t wait to get started.

Perhaps the most unforgettable tour our cohort embarked on this week was to Under Armour’s headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. We were given a complete tour of the facility and had the opportunity to learn about the company’s history, its marketing campaigns, and we even got an exclusive look at their upcoming clothing lines. I own a great deal of Under Armour’s products and having the opportunity to see how the company functions on a day-to-day basis was something I will never forget. The company also offers internships to college students and just from the tour, Under Armour is a place that I could definitely see myself working at.

While visiting places such as Under Armour, Nationals Park, and the Washington Kastles Stadium at the Wharf produced unforgettable memories for the students, perhaps the most invaluable experiences derived from the people who spoke passionately about their professions to the SIM students. The panel continuously stressed the importance of networking and demonstrating a strong desire to succeed to potential employers. The panels also stressed the importance of hard work and how, in order to be at the top of a profession, students will have to start at the very bottom and work their way up. Lessons such as these were daunting to digest, but they also made me realize how much I want to be involved in sports when I am older.

One week was all I needed to make up my mind that I want to be working in sports. The students, professors, and executives I was involved with inspired me to work assiduously towards a career in sports. My goal is to one day be a general manager of a professional baseball team and the Georgetown SIM Program encouraged me to relentlessly pursue my ultimate goal.

“Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.”                       

-John Wooden


By Katerina Rodriguez- North Bergen, NJ

On July 3rd 2011, I began a week that will forever be an unforgettable experience. Together with more than ninety other students, we delved into what we would come to learn is the demanding, strenuous, exciting, and rewarding world of the sports industry.

Over the course of the week, we were spoken to by industry leaders from across the board with several panels and conferences. We gained firsthand knowledge from those who everyday are involved in the development of the different aspects of the industry. From prominent leaders in media relations and legal councils to player relations and league development, as a group we were given the opportunity to explore and question every part of the world of sports. Personally, being able to speak directly with the panelists and being able to ask them questions allowed me, as a high school student, to solidify my decision to pursue a career in the sports industry.

            The various tours and games we participated in gave us a chance to take what we learned in each panel and experience it firsthand. During the Washington Kastles and the Washington Nationals games, we were able to experience firsthand what we were learning in the daily panels. Marketing strategies, player and venue management, and sponsorships all became a part of what we now understand as the total experience. The tours of the Washington Nationals’ Stadium and Under Armour, gave us an insider’s perspective of what transpires behind the scenes of a sports apparel company and a multipurpose venue, such as the stadium.

            The campus at Georgetown was a perfect setting for this sports related program. Being in the heart of Washington D.C., Georgetown offers the convenience of having local professional teams right at your fingertips. The campus itself fosters an atmosphere where sports are always a part of the culture. Professional and collegiate level athletes were often spotted on campus and during many of our trips. Outside of the campus’ gates, the Georgetown neighborhood is welcoming to each and every student. The main street offers an array of places to comingle with peers and the culture that is cultivated is apparent throughout the streets.

            Overall, my week at Georgetown has left a memorable mark. I have gained innumerable new experiences and an immense amount of knowledge. I have developed friendships that will carry on as I endeavor into my future and the world of sports. Most importantly, this program has been a true learning experience, where I have gained the opportunity to speak and network with sports industry leaders who are open to offering guidance and advice.


By Zachary Friedman- Laguna Beach,  California

Man what a week!  This past week at Georgetown was a week I will surely never forget.  While it has been just hours since my departure from Georgetown, I am slowly starting to reflect upon the week that has just past. 

Georgetown’s Sports Industry Management program is the best week of “school time” that I have ever experienced.  It gives me chills to I think back on my week, about who I met, and the possible connections that week has provided me with. 

Where should I even start? Should I begin with the good or the bad?  Well I’ll start with the bad, I couldn’t find any “bad” over this past week.  Everything we did had some purpose.  Personally this was the first “school program” that I have been apart of and every minute of every day I was learning something.  

For me to talk about everything we did would honestly take me too long.

Monday- Yao Movie:  This showed me how one person can globally expand a sport, in this case basketball.  Yao had a short lived career in the NBA; however, he is considered by many to be a possible Hall of Fame candidate, because of the vast globalization that he brought to the sport of basketball.  

Tuesday- The Panel: On Tuesday, we listened to a great panel.  This panel included: Kurt Kehl- Washington Capitals, Steve Goodman- NFLPA, Karen Irish- US Olympic Committee, and George Perry- Rosetta Stone.  Each one of these panel members had a very interesting story on how they got to where they are now. From this panel, the person I found the most intriguing was Mr. Perry.  Mr. Perry, initially, had no real interest into going into the sports industry, spending his first six years in the Navy in both the US and France.   After his time in the Navy, Mr. Perry realized that sports may have been a better route, and went to work for Visa. At Visa, he worked with events and marketing.  After leaving Visa, Mr. Perry spent stints at XM Radio, and Redskins, before ending up where he is now at Rosetta Stone.  Mr. Perry’s main objective at Rosetta focuses on how to globalize the use of language along the lines of sports. 

Wednesday- Meeting Jimmy Lynn: Don’t get me wrong, our trip to Nationals park on Wednesday was great, however, Jimmy Lynn is a very interesting person, who has been able to overcome diversity in his life to succeed and achieve his goals.  Jimmy Lynn is currently at Under Armor, an amazing person, and someone that would be amazing to learn from.

Thursday- Tour of Under Armor: How many people are lucky enough to get a behind the scenes tour of Under Armor? Well I can answer that question for you, not many.  I, along with my 97 other “team-mates”, as Under Armor would like to call them, got an all-exclusive behind the majestic company known to all as Under Armor.  Under Armor is an amazing company founded by college football players basement in 1996!  An amazing 15 years later it is now a one billion dollar company!  

Friday- Washington Nationals Game: As a huge baseball fan this is kinda biased in my opinion but this was my first time at new “Nationals Park”.  This game allowed me to see what different teams are able to do to drive fans to the stadium, and keep them entertained throughout the entirety of the game.  

Saturday- Capstone Project:  Upon arriving at Georgetown, I quickly learned that we had a final project that we had to complete before leaving.  During my week at Georgetown, I learned that are about 15 different parts to an professional baseball organization.  My group, and I were assigned the section of customer service.  For our presentation we wanted to incorporate modern technology and unlike every other group, we created a Facebook page to explain customer service, the basic industry standards and procedure, and concluded with what we could do to make “National Care” (our cheesy name for the Washington Nationals customer service department) a better, more fan friendly environment.  

To conclude; my week at Georgetown was a interesting, inspirational, and aw-strikening experience.  This past week opened my eyes to things I didn’t know about the sports industry and sports management. 

Sports is a business, and I learned that from the moment I walked into Room 115.  All in all, I would recommend this camp to anyone who is even mildly interested in sports and sports management; this past week has truly been a great one!

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