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Dr. Yarden is an assistant professor at the department of Human Science at the School of Nursing and Health Studies.  Her research focuses on the role of the breast and ovarian tumor suppressor, BRCA1, in DNA damage signaling and in maintenance of genomic stability.  These studies aim to enhance our understanding of fundamental biological processes in cancer biology, to elucidate the cellular response to chemotherapeutic drugs and to identify means for prevention of breast cancer. Dr. Yarden’s team was the first to identify that G2/M cell cycle proteins, cyclin B and Cdc25, are ubiquitylation substrates of BRCA1 E3 ubiquitin ligase activity in response to DNA damage.
Recently, Dr. Yarden became interested in Strigolactones, a novel group of plant hormones. Dr. Yarden’s team was the first to report on the anti-tumorigenic effects of strigolactones.
Dr. Yarden is  a full member of the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center at Georgetown University.

Areas of Expertise:
1) Breast Cancer 2) BRCA1 3) Genomic Instability 4) Cell Cycle 5) DNA Damage Response 6) Signal Transduction 7) Strigolactones

Department of Human Science
The Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center

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