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Recently digitized: video of 1981 ABA press conference in response to the plans to eliminate the LSC

This is a vidreece_smith_1981eo of a historic press conference held by the ABA in 1981 in response to the plans by the Reagan administration to eliminate the Legal Services Corporation. It includes extensive remarks by William Reece Smith Jr. (1925-2013), ABA president from 1980-1981, who introduces the press conference: “We are here today because we’re troubled…deeply troubled over President Reagan’s plans to eliminate the Legal Services Corporation…We are troubled because we see it as an unwise, unsound move that will cost our society far more in the long run than any immediate dollars we may save.”

In addition to William Reece Smith Jr., it features many other state bar leaders: David Rideout, member of the Executice Council and co-chairperson of the Committee on Legal Services of the Boston Bar Association; Robert Irving, the vice president of the State Bar of California, Joe Mandel, president of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, Charles O. Fisher, president of the Maryland State Bar, Mike Karwoski, assistant to the executive director of the State Bar of Michigan, Bill Borders, president of the National Bar Association, Judge Harold Tyler, vice president of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York; Bob Patterson, past president of the New York State Bar Association; David Fawcett, president of the Pennsylvania Bar Association; Joseph Foster, Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association, Jim Langdon of the State Bar of Texas, and Lawrence J. Bugge of the State Bar of Wisconsin.

The video is available as a streaming file on Digital Georgetown:

The NEJL holds the William Reece Smith’s papers (NEJL 017).

Webcast of Economic Inequality Conference 12-4-2015

To view the live and archived webcast of the conference on Economic Inequality held on December 4th 2015 at Georgetown Law, please go to this link.


Economic Inequality: Causes, Consequences and Responses

We live in an age of vast economic inequality — the top 20­ percent of U.S. households owns more than 84 percent of the country’s wealth, according to Scientific American. On Friday, December 4, Georgetown University Law Center will host a full­-day conference that aims to identify and understand the factors that contribute to this disparity on both a domestic and global level. Georgetown Law Dean William Treanor and Professors Mitt Regan and Peter Edelman open the conference, which includes panels on racial disadvantage, trade policy and more. Columbia University Economics Professor Dan O’Flaherty delivers a luncheon address on the economics of race in the United States, and Georgetown Law Professor Sheryll Cashin makes closing remarks.

Link to detailed program.