Recent NEJL acquisitions

The NEJL just received donations of the following recent publications:

1. Earl Johnson Jr. To Establish Justice for All: The Past and Future of Civil Legal Aid in the United States. 3 Volumes. Praeger, 2013.

“This book is for political scientists and anyone interested in government and politics. It tells the fascinating political story of the creation and survival of a unique institution, a government funded program providing lawyers to clients who often need to challenge actions by the very government that is financing that program…This book is for anyone interested in the “War on Poverty.” It recounts the history and impact of one of that era’s most effective and controversial anti-poverty weapons and how it has managed to endure while many of the new initiatives created during that time have disappeared.

The NEJL collections include an oral history interview with Justice Earl Johnson Jr.

2. Allan G. Rodgers. Rap-ups of a retired reformer: stories about how legal services advocates transformed the laws for poor people in Massachusetts. Massachusetts: Allan Rodgers, 2013.

“For 42 years, from 1969 to his retirement in 2010, Allan Rodgers served as the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute.  He led and participated in a legal revolution for poor people–a revolution that was led by poor people and by their legal services advocates and allies.  In his newly-released book, “RAP-UPs of a Retired Reformer: Stories About how Legal Services Advocates Transformed the Laws for Poor People in Massachusetts,” Allan provides a fascinating insight on how MLRI and its allies succeeded in making significant and long lasting changes in laws, policies and practices that affected low income people, families and communities.  Written from a legal services leader who was on the frontlines and in the trenches in the War on Poverty, the stories in this book describe the legal and policy strategies, tactics, players and campaigns that improved the lives of millions of people in the Commonwealth. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in poverty law and policy.”

Rap-ups of a retired reformer can also be downloaded from the website of the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute.

The NEJL collections include an oral history interview with Allan Rodgers.  

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