UCSB Critical Issues in America series

On Friday, Jan. 31, UC Santa Barbara will host a symposium on: “Organizing for Economic Democracy: A symposium on major initiatives of the grassroots War on Poverty and their enduring legacy for economic justice organizing today. “ The symposium is part of the UCSB Critical Issues in America series: “The Great Society at Fifty: Democracy in America 1964/2014.”

The symposium includes panel discussions on Community Action, workplace justice, and federally funded legal services. Speakers include Annelise Orleck, Professor of History, Dartmouth College; Pete White, Founder and Co-Director, Los Angeles Community Action Network; Sophia Lee, Professor of Law and History, University of Pennsylvania Law School; Steven Pitts, Associate Chair, UC-Berkeley Labor Center; Clare Pastore, Professor of Law, USC Gould Law School; and Jose Padilla, Executive Director, California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc.

More information about the symposium and other events in the Critical Issues in America series can be found at the Great Society at Fifty website:


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