About the project

Core team

Our core team for this project includes representatives from:

  • Office of Public Affairs
  • Office of Strategic Communications
  • UIS Web Services
  • Advancement

Our vendor

The team behind successful redesigns at University of Virginia, Princeton, and Harvard Law, Digital Pulp will guide the content strategy, information architecture, and design of our new site.

Project timeline

The project timeline spans 20 months, from January 2018 to August 2019. The major phases of the project and their respective dates are listed below.

  • Initial planning   January–March 2018
  • Hire vendor   April–June 2018
  • User research   April–August 2018
  • Content strategy  July–December 2018
  • Design   August–December 2018
  • Build template   January–June 2019
  • Content migration   May–June 2019
  • Launch   Summer 2019

Georgetown.edu’s last redesign

Our last redesign was completed in 2010, with the site optimized and streamlined for mobile in 2015.