Monthly Archives: February 2019

Moving forward with a design direction

After Digital Pulp delivered two design concepts to us in December, the Top Tier Redesign Working Group worked to gather and synthesize feedback from stakeholders and users and communicate our feedback to Digital Pulp over two rounds of revision. This was no small task; design is usually the step in the process that invites the largest amount—and sometimes broadest range—of opinions.

In the end, we selected one of Digital Pulp’s concepts and asked them to iterate on the hero (top feature) section of the front page to get the right feel and balance. The resulting hero design both introduces Georgetown via a short video and showcases rotating news features. The rest of the design concept (homepage, landing page, and article) echoes the themes introduced via the hero, highlighting different aspects of Georgetown and telling student stories throughout.

A mockup of the top of the homepage design for

The top of the homepage design.

A mockup of the top of the landing page design for

The top of the landing page design.

A mockup of the top of the article page design for

The top of the article page design.

We’ve shared the most recent design concepts with the Georgetown Board of Directors, where they were generally well-received.

As a reminder, these design concepts only included the homepage, a landing page, and an article. We’ll receive the rest of the design package at the end of February, when we’ll spring back into action evaluating the design of the remaining pages.

We’re also starting to turn our attention to the next big task on the horizon: Getting organized around the content—both text and images—that will eventually turn these design mockups into finished pages.