We’ve got a visual

This Georgetown.edu project update is all about design! Welcome to our most complex deliverable yet.

In December, we received two design concepts from our vendor, Digital Pulp. The concepts included mockups for new homepage, landing page, and article page (among others) to give us an idea of what Digital Pulp’s proposed design would look like with different kinds of content in different contexts.

Step one when evaluating a design is to present it to Georgetown’s Visual Identity committee. The idea here is not necessarily to ask what they like and don’t like about the designs—that comes later. Instead, designers on the committee reviewed the Georgetown.edu concepts to ensure that they adhered to Georgetown’s brand guidelines—to make sure that the right colors are incorporated, that the seal is properly represented, and that the correct fonts are used.

Once we had the visual identity committee’s approval, we presented the designs to the advisory group. The idea at this stage was to explore what feelings each design concept evoked; answering questions like “Does this design reflect the Georgetown you know?” and “Which adjectives do you think apply to this design direction?”

Next was user testing. This step will be familiar to those of you who stayed updated while we were reviewing wireframes. This time, the UI/UX-oriented members of the redesign team spent two days with students specifically (or target audience), asking them what they thought about the design concepts.

This month, it’s up to us to gather feedback on these directions—our own feedback as well as our advisory group’s and the students’—to determine which we like best and what should be refined. In the background, we’re also continuing to plan for the build: reviewing functional requirements and exploring questions about integration, SEO, and content.