Stakeholder interviews

Over the past few weeks, Digital Pulp has conducted a series of stakeholder interviews. Stakeholder interviews are essential in a site redesign process: the process allows content strategists and designers to lead discussions and ask questions about what makes Georgetown different than every other higher ed institution—or in marketing-speak, it helps them to discover Georgetown’s “key differentiators”.

A question the core team gets a lot from the Georgetown community is “have you looked at the analytics for the site?” Well yes, and they can be helpful, but numbers only tell you so much. These interviews allow us to dig deeper into the human side: What drew you to Georgetown? How do you feel in the Georgetown community? What does living and working in DC mean to you and your Georgetown experience?

With the leadership of the core team, Digital Pulp conducted 20 hours of interviews with more than 100 stakeholders participating. The reflections, comments, and advice of our stakeholders will help guide the strategy for the redesign of the new

Next, the findings from these interviews (as well as other research) will be compiled into a Strategy Brief. Then, the Discovery phase is over and the next phase of the project begins: User Experience Design.