A journey of discovery

We are happy to announce that georgetown.edu is officially getting a redesign! As such, welcome to the first project update, in which we warmly welcome you to the next 12 months of our lives.

Our core team for this project includes folks from UIS Web Services, the Office of Public Affairs, the Office of Strategic Communications, and Advancement. We are also glad to have our vendor, Digital Pulp, as our partner through the content strategy and design phases of the project. Because one does not simply walk into Mordor.

This month, we are entering the discovery phase. For those of you who detest business parlance, that basically means information overload: digging deep into goals, audiences, timeline, and other logistics to make sure that we don’t overlook important details. Above all, it means Gantt charts and spreadsheets.

Georgetown.edu belongs to all of us, so we hope you are as excited as we are. There will be many more top tier updates to come—stay tuned!