April 2018
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Re-examining the "Gifted" Label

written by Kimberly Fernandes

I recently came across David Shenk’s article in the NYT’s Learning Network (see http://learning.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/03/12/teacher-q-does-the-gifted-label-get-in-the-way-of-developing-real-potential/), and thought it was an interesting angle from which to enter the always […]

We Are All Reading Teachers

written by Ann Kennedy

I’m not a test basher, but I am certainly interested in assessment. That’s one reason I went directly to the article entitled, “Why We Should Stop Bashing State Tests” in the latest issue of Educational […]

Quality Control: Give Career Switchers a Chance

written by Ann Kennedy

It all started in the line at a local grocery store. I couldn’t help but overhear one woman, finishing a conversation with a Second Woman. First Woman suddenly remembered to ask how school was going for Second Woman’s son. […]

Transforming School Culture

written by Kate O’Hare

In a school of 5,000 where one must pass through metal detectors and police officers before entering class, how can one build a warm community of trust, care, and collaboration? Is it possible to establish high standards for students in a school where teachers miss school more often than students and resources […]

Speaking Spanish to Spanish-Speakers - the first step towards ESL success?

written by Christine Herlihy

Anyone who has been reading my other blog entries may have picked up on the fact that access to education, especially for underprivileged groups and immigrant populations, is something I’m passionate about. That’s why I’m excited to start my new job: this semester, I’m going to be working as a Jumpstart Corps […]

ASU Announces Innovative Approach to Teacher Training

written by Jacqueline Smith

Arizona State University recently announced its plans to radically change how it prepares future educators.  As described here in the Arizona Republic, ASU’s new teacher-training curriculum will emphasize content mastery with less focus on teaching theory. The inspiration for this shift?  Teach For America.

Featured Article: Georgetown Teaches for America

Published January 17, 2010 in Georgetown University News

Monica Escobar (C’07) recalls the exact moment she decided to apply to Teach For America her senior year.

“I was walking through Copley Lawn, and these flags had been placed the length of the path,” she says. “There would be nine gray flags, and then a blue flag, […]

Is The Art of Teaching Teachable?

written by Katie O’Hare

Having just committed to a 2 year teaching service program, I have thought a lot about what kind of teacher I hope to be and the challenges of being a new […]

Rude Behavior or Successful Multitasking?

written by Ann Kennedy

It’s a New Year, and time for resolutions. My 2010 education-related resolution is to deal calmly and pro-actively with an increasingly frustrating fact of secondary classroom life: students’ use of cell phones and laptops for seemingly non-academic purposes. I spent time during the winter break investigating my idea of the […]

Educational Stability: The Key to Academic Success for Foster Care Youth

Written by Katie O’Hare

Bang, Bang, Bang. “Get out here now so I can show you why you’re sorry.” 10 years old, Betty just did what she was told. She did not think her parents abused her. Children’s Services came after school one day, telling her that it […]