Whole Foods and GMOs

Below, I’ve included a strongly-worded article about sustainable food giant, Whole Foods, selling out to the forces behind genetically modified food. Monsanto is a scary, dangerous force, already holding politicians in its pockets (as seen when Monsanto helped write its own law into place) and working corporations into its pockets as well now (evidenced by this Whole Foods betrayal):


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  1. Vanessa Skrumbis says:

    Being a loyal Whole Foods shopper I found this article very troubling, but at the same time for some reason not very surprising. Even though I hope it works, I wonder whether the “Truth in Labeling Campaign” will really be successful in ending these GMOs to be fed to both animals and humans. I also know that as sad a fact as it may be, I probably will continue to shop at Whole Foods even though their participating in this dangerous act.

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