The purpose of the Georgetown University Open School is to create a community of future healthcare professionals focused on learning and applying the principles, methods and tools of quality and process improvement and patient safety.

To improve health outcomes and patient safety through interdisciplinary learning, project design and implementation.

Core Values
Collaboration: We value learning environments that are interdisciplinary and inclusive of all healthcare-related disciplines.  We achieve our mission and Chapter goals by working together.  We value team success over individual efforts.

Innovation: We value new ideas and embrace rapid-cycle change to improve all that we do.  We seek new techniques and methodologies to create better health outcomes.

Integrity: We seek to be honest, transparent and professional in our work environments.  We communicate and build trust by conducting ourselves in the highest ethical standards, respective of the institutions with whom we work.

Respect: We treat each Chapter Member with dignity and value the individuality, diversity and contributions of each other.  We practice a just culture.

About Us
The Georgetown University Open School Chapter was founded in 2010 by Georgetown University Hospital Internal Medicine Resident, Daniel Alyeshmerni, MD, School of Nursing & Health Studies student, James Cervantes, and faculty advisors Bernard Horak, PhD, Eileen Moore, MD, and Patricia Cloonan, PhD.  The organization is led by a working group of students, faculty and physicians from Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC).  Click here for our Chapter’s poster presented at the 2011 National Forum.

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