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  • Mapping peptides to the UCSC genome browser

    February 17th, 2009, 5:26 pm

    Announcing new features provided by the PeptideMapper service from the Edwards Lab.

    The PeptideMapper Web-Service already provides real-time peptide sequence alignments to proteins, mRNA, EST, and HTC sequences from Genbank, RefSeq, UniProt, IPI, VEGA, EMBL, and HInvDb from human, mouse, rat, and zebra-fish. Results can viewed interactively or retrieved using HTTP or SOAP requests.

    Now, the PeptideMapper Web-Service supports real-time mapping of peptide sequences to the UCSC genome assemblies via the UCSC’s so-called “known genes” – enabling “one-click” display of peptide sequences in the UCSC genome browser. Projecting peptide sequences into the UCSC genome browser aids in the interpretation of the genomic evidence in support of peptides identified directly from proteins, by tandem mass spectrometry.

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