I am grateful to my family and friends for their support throughout this project, but I would especially like to thank the following people:

The Columbia Heights community for welcoming me at their meetings, taking my survey, and sharing their opinions and experiences with me. I hope this project will be a valuable resource for anyone with ties to that neighborhood.

Dr. Diana Owen, my thesis advisor, for her guidance, encouragement, constructive criticism, and valuable feedback throughout the development of this project.

Dr. Kimberly Meltzer, my second reader, for her thoughtful input and for giving me the chance to discuss my findings with her “Communication and the Public Sphere” class.

Rob Pongsajapan at CNDLS for his help with developing this website.

Zac Allard, my second coder, for his help with the content analysis.

My mother, Patricia Hadge, for helping me input survey data.

Ally Dwyer, for gladly serving as my in-house SPSS guru.

Megan Anderson, Rebecca Chalif, Mike Davidson, and Kate House, my thesis colloquium classmates, for their advice and support.

The Media Policy Initiative at the New America Foundation, where I was inspired to undertake this research during a case study of D.C.’s local media, for underscoring the importance of a vibrant media ecosystem in promoting democracy in the digital age.

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