Library of Congress Tour and Plenary

Only those who have registered for it will be allowed to attend the plenary. For security reasons, we have given the Library of Congress a list of attendees ahead of time. If you are not on that list, you will not be admitted.

If you are attending Marshall Brown’s plenary at the Library of Congress on the morning of Friday, July 11, please keep the following in mind:

Buses are leaving the Hyatt at 7:15 on Friday morning. Buses will leave the Library of Congress at intervals between 11:30 and 12:45. With almost 200 attendees going, we cannot keep track of who gets on and off which bus. It is your responsibility to make sure you catch the bus.

If you would prefer not to take the bus or you miss the bus, you can easily get to the Library of Congress by metro. Buy a SmarTrip card from the vending machine in the Bethesda Station. There should be enough money pre-loaded onto it to get you to and from the Library.

Take the Red Line towards Glenmont/Silver Spring.
At Metro Center transfer onto the Orange Line towards New Carrollton OR the Blue Line towards Largo.
Get off at the Capitol South stop.
Walk uphill, away from the escalator, up 1st St. Cross the intersection. The Jefferson Building will be the big one on the right. The plenary is taking place in the Coolidge Auditorium.

If you would like to return to the hotel via metro, walk down 1st St to the Capitol South metro station. Buy a SmarTrip card if you don’t already have one. Your fare will be pre-loaded.

Take the Orange Line towards Vienna OR the Blue Line towards Franconia.
At Metro Center transfer onto the Red Line towards Shady Grove.
Get off at the Bethesda Metro Stop.