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The Modernities Working Group is a flexible collective of Georgetown faculty, graduate students, and area scholars whose work and interests engage with “modernity” broadly construed: not bounded by region, language, or national framework, and running roughly from the 18th century to the present.  The format of the group will vary: some meetings will take the form of a reading group, others will involve discussion of a members’ work in progress; still others will feature external speakers sharing work on campus.

In short, the group is a site where where particular archives and interests can crystallize around macro-level questions, with a special focus on methodologies and models for humanistic inquiry in the contemporary moment.  The group will be interdisciplinary, but housed in the English Department; participants from other fields are most welcome. All are invited to attend.

The theme of our 2015-2016 sessions is Modern Time.

Nathan K. Hensley, Assistant Professor of English

Brian Hochman, Assistant Professor of English

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