Oct 02 2012

fall semester happened…

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And blog posting totally disappeared, gah.

I really like the distinction here between ‘how information works’ and ‘how to work information.’  My instruction sessions usually look like ‘how to work information’ because that is often what the professors and students want – and its instrumental value is immediately apparent.  I do try to weasel in ‘how information works,’ because that is actually the important stuff (that is, seeing information as socially constructed, contingent, and implicated in power relations).

Here’s an essay from Fister on the cult of change.  Not surprisingly, I agree with her (and I really, really hate all of that b-school talk.  It doesn’t MEAN anything).  I would also include stuff like this.  Portable computing might be cheap to THIS guy, but it isn’t to many, many people, and not every book is available digitally.  It’s easy to make provocative statements, but it’s hard to back them up with, you know, any sort of evidence beyond ‘well, this is how I personally do things.’  These sorts of claims are political; what sorts of users is he erasing and disempowering?  Which people matter? I think we can make some pretty good guesses.  He works for the Washington Post, too, so it’s not like he has all (any?) of the answers about technology and media. </snark>

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