Pedagogy Workshops

In my postdoctoral work at CNDLS, I developed and facilitated a series of teaching workshops for Georgetown graduate students participating the Apprenticeship in Teaching Program. Below are the workshop titles and descriptions from the CNDLS AT program website and literature.

Introduction to Teaching Resources
“This workshop serves as an introduction to the Apprenticeship in Teaching program and is a chance to meet other new program participants. In this workshop, we introduce you to teaching-related resources available to you at Georgetown, and together we begin thinking about teaching as a reflective practice.”

Syllabus Design: Fundamentals and Innovations
“In this workshop we discuss the fundamental components of a good syllabus as well as organizational approaches to designing them. In light of these components and approaches, we will discuss best practices of syllabus design through past examples. Participants should bring a syllabus or ideas for a syllabus to the workshop to receive informal feedback from the group.”

Effective Classroom Interaction
“This workshop covers various types of classroom interaction including lecture, discussion, and other activities that can be used in both small and large classes. Possible additional topics include the use of online communication environments to enhance class interactions both in and outside the classroom.”

Difficult Discussions and Critical Conversations
“Instructors are often hesitant to introduce or engage sensitive topics that can create conflict or discomfort in the classroom. This workshop discusses ways these difficult discussions can be turned into meaningful opportunities for learning.”

Learning Styles
“Both students and instructors have preferred ways of taking in and processing information. Research on learning styles has indicated that undergraduate students and university faculty often have different learning style preferences, suggesting that developing flexibility in our approaches to teaching and learning could benefit both students and professors. This workshop introduces participants to a variety of frameworks for assessing learning styles. We will discuss how an awareness of different learning styles can influence your teaching and increase your ability to reach a wider variety of students in your classes whose learning preferences may differ from your own.”

Teaching Circle
“This teaching circle will offer graduate students the opportunity to explore with their colleagues the challenges and excitement they experience as teachers. The agenda for teaching circle discussions will depend in part on questions and concerns that participants bring to the group. Topics of conversation may include things like responding to challenges in the classroom, articulating one’s self-understanding as a teacher, and decoding the gaps between expert and novice approaches to learning new material.”

Syllabus Design Working Session
“Due to popular request, we have decided to offer an informal, come-and-go syllabus design working session at CNDLS. Please drop by the CNDLS suite to receive one-on-one help with your syllabus from Maureen Walsh. In order to make the most of the session, please come prepared with either a syllabus draft or a sketch of ideas to look over with Maureen.”