Plans & Project Notes

The city that I will be completing a digital scrapbook of is Boston, the capital of Massachusetts. As a Massachusetts resident, I am particularly fond of the city of Boston. Its history, sense of community, and beautiful streets and parks all play a crucial role in the representations of Boston that I grew up with. I chose to write about this city because even though I didn’t grow up in the city of Boston, I identify with it because it’s the closest major city to my hometown of Amherst, Massachusetts. Additionally, as an American Studies major, I have a particular interest in American history. The city of Boston and its people played a monumental role in the beginning of stages of the United States, and because of that, it resonates with me.


I have a few key goals for this project. First, I want to review the history of Boston through poems, images, and other forms of literature to gain a deeper understanding of how Boston was represented in a historical context outside of the 21st century. Second, I want to compile a vast array of representations on my digital scrapbook that span multiple mediums: video, audio, literary, etc. Third, I want to evaluate representations following the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, and look at how that event has impacted recent representations of Boston. Once I have completed all of these tasks, I hope to create a Prezi presentation that acts as a timeline by ordering the representations chronologically. My ultimate goal is to show that the idea of resilient, hard-working, and strong Bostonians has been prevalent for centuries — not just since 2013 and the creation of “Boston Strong.”


My key audience for this digital scrapbook and multimedia project will be inhabitants of Boston and those who call it home. I also believe that the core theme of my scrapbook will be relevant for all Massachusetts residents. The Boston Marathon bombing was such a traumatic event and the motto of “Boston Strong” resonates emotionally for all Massachusetts residents. The idea of “Boston Strong” was created to mobilize the people of Boston and show their strength and resilience after the bombings, and so I believe the core audience for this scrapbook should be those who live in Boston, not tourists.


I have a few strategies that I will employ in creating this digital scrapbook. First, I will collect a various set of representations that approach Boston with a more historical angle. I will then compile representations that take a more contemporary angle. I hope to obtain representations that depict Boston as a city from the late 1700s to now. By doing this, the timeline on my Prezi presentation will be complete and provide an accurate summary of how Boston has been represented over the years.

Form of Final Project

As I mentioned in my goals for above, the form of my final project will be a Prezi presentation. It will be structured as a timeline, but the path of the Prezi will not move chronologically. Instead, the representations I eventually choose to insert into the Prezi will fall along a path that connects extremely relevant representations (for example, an image of “Boston Strong” moving directly toward a painting of the Stamp Act Riot). By establishing connections between representations that span several decades, I create a representation of Boston that is timeless. The presentation will show connections between representations throughout time that effectively display that Boston has always been “Boston Strong.”

One thought on “Plans & Project Notes

  1. You have a well-defined goal, one that I think you should be able to connect with course ideas fairly easily. I see two challenges in your project. One has to do with sifting through all the many, many, many representations of this city to identify those that most effectively tell the story of Boston’s resilience and that will do this in a way that will engage and inform a local audience (so not just repeating what they already know). Second, while Prezi is a great tool for constructing your project, you might also think about how your audience would actually encounter your project. Would you post it as part of a website? Or as a video? I’m thinking really about the context in which your audience would see this.

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