What have I learned?

I can pull a few extremely helpful lessons from examining these three examples. I will write a brief paragraph about each of the examples below to outline these lessons.

7 Eye Popping Interactive Timelines

One of the most engaging aspects of the “2008 US Movie Box Office” is first and foremost, its usage of color. While I hope that the subject matter of my presentation will be the most engaging aspect of it, I also understand that one of the most significant parts of a presentation that pulls the audience in is aesthetically pleasing features. This timeline is truly “eye-popping,” and as a viewer I’m certainly pulled in by this feature. So, I hope to implement this in my own representation.

Helpful Prezi for Making Timelines

While the “7 Eye Popping Interactive Timelines” article showed me the importance of making a timeline engaging and pleasing to the eye, this prezi called “Making History — Creating a Timeline” was extremely informative because it showed one of the best ways to construct a timeline on Prezi that feels like an interactive experience. I have used Prezi multiple times for past classes at both Georgetown and in high school, but seeing how to make a thorough timeline provides me with more extensive information about the program. This timeline moves chronologically, which is not what I want to do for my Prezi, but it’s easy to change the path of the Prezi. What’s not so easy is to decide how to structure a timeline, and after examining this example, I’ve learned exactly how to do that in an effective way.

Boston Map

I mention this in the paragraph about Boston’s interactive map in the paragraph below, but I will quickly outline exactly what I’ve pulled from this interactive map in regard to my own project. This map mostly focuses upon geographical landmarks and monuments, and while those are certainly important (which I discuss in my “Course Notes” page), I will not focus on monuments in my own Prezi presentation. However, after using this interactive map, I recognize that geography and displaying Boston’s geography can help viewers gain a better understanding of Boston and understand the place that I’ll be talking about. I want to incorporate a type of map in my Prezi, but because I really want my presentation to be a timeline, I’ve yet to decide how to do this. As I progress in my project I will make a decision as to how to incorporate this, but for now, I’m still grappling with exactly what I want to do in the final multimedia project.

A View on Cities

After looking at an interactive map of D.C., I decided to find an interactive map of Boston to see what it could offer me as I progress in this project. The D.C. map, which I reviewed on my “Explorations of D.C.” page, offered a valuable guide for tourists (but, in my opinion, poorly represented the entire city). The Boston interactive map is similar, guiding users to Beacon Hill, the Bunker Hill Monument, Copley Square, Fanueil Hall, the Freedom Trail, the Old North Church, the USS Constitution, etc. The Boston interactive map does not feel as commercial as the D.C. map — there aren’t links to shopping centers and restaurants — but it still serves a similar purpose. This interactive map of Boston lacks a complete guide to all parts of the city, but as the demand for these maps comes from tourists, it’s fairly understandable that these interactive maps mostly focus upon attractions. Despite all of this, I like this map as an example of Boston for my purposes. After looking at this map, I see that most of Boston’s attractions are clustered into one area, making it the heart of the city. In my own project, I want to try to incorporate some sort of geographical feature to show this area and display that what makes Boston memorable and historic can be found in this section of the city. Then, I would hope to build off of that into my interactive timeline in a way that establishes a connection between the place and the time period.


Helpful Prezi for Making Timelines

This prezi provides an effective example of a timeline created on Prezi that I plan on looking at before I begin my own presentation.


“7 Eye-Popping Interactive Timelines”

After taking a look at this brief article about some of the most engaging interactive timelines, I’ve decided that this is the type of approach I want to take in developing my final multimedia project. These maps are much more high tech than what I expect I’ll be able to create, but I still enjoyed seeing how they were structured. The interactive aspect of the timeline provides for a more engaging experience, while the chronological order of events helps me in my goal to show how Boston has developed historically — even though I believe people have been “Boston Strong” for much longer than the mere two years since 2013.

Take a look at NASA’s interactive map, linked here!



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  1. You’re really focused here on form and how these genres work, which should be useful as you start mapping out your own project.

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