Representing “Boston Strong:” From the Mid-1700s to the Present

**Note** As of Nov. 24, 2015, a working draft of my multimedia project can be found at this link. Any comments, suggestions, critiques, or questions are welcome on the online platform for the project, which can be found here at

On April 15th, 2013, two bombs detonated in the final stretch of the Boston Marathon. The terrorist attack shook the city’s morale and physically injured nearly 100 people, mentally traumatizing many more. The statement “Boston Strong” quickly caught fire as the motto for the men, women, and children who remained resilient and determined to defend their city in spite of an extremely shocking event. Since 2013, “Boston Strong” has gained even more significance. Boston was shaken by the Boston bombings, but the attack also introduced a new era of resilience in the Massachusetts capitol that draws a striking parallel with the strength and undying perseverance of the Bostonians that lived during the era of the American Revolution. As I will further outline in the “Plans” section of this digital scrapbook, my goal for this multimedia project will be to find representations that show that even though “Boston Strong” only recently became a motto for the city, Boston has always been “Boston Strong.” Furthermore, there have been representations that display this mentality existent for decades. I will find these representations, and they will be accessible in this digital scrapbook.

Take a look at the various types of representations accessible via the “Representations” page on my digital scrapbook to see more about the city of Boston!


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