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Former Jesuit Residence Renovation will Improve Accessibility

When the renovation of the former Jesuit Residence is complete, the building will feature new accessible entrances, accessible suite and apartments, and better access around the building.

The current main entrance portico to Ryan Hall from Library Walk requires a step down to the entrance and is not accessible. As part of the renovation, this entrance will be graded, meaning it will be level with Library Walk, and will not require stairs or a ramp to enter the building. This will be the main entrance to the new building.

Outside the former Jesuit Residence will be a new courtyard with green space for the building and it will be accessible from the regraded Ryan Hall portico. The entire courtyard will be level and will connect to the Gervase breezeway (an outdoor pathway between Gervase and Mulledy, currently closed as part of construction) and out to Old North Way and the Village C ramp. This path will avoid the steep hill at Library Walk and Old North Way.

On the other side of the building are two entrances from Dahlgren Quad. The entrance closer to Dahlgren Chapel (entering current Mulledy Hall) will have  a new accessible ramp. A second existing entrance will be closed and a new accessible entrance closer to Healy (entering current Ryan Hall) will replace it.

Inside the building will be two fully accessible staff apartments and eight fully accessible student suites. Suites have different layouts throughout the building, and multiple room layout types will be accessible.

Improving accessibility around campus and adding to the quality and inventory of fully accessible rooms is an important outcome of these construction projects, and Georgetown is committed to building an inclusive campus for our entire community.

Below is a rendering of the site showing the accessible entrances to the Former Jesuit Residence and the accessible pathway through the courtyard.

Former Jesuit Residence Courtyard and Exterior Accessibility Plan


Image courtesy Georgetown University Planning and Facilities Management

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